Charburger Challenge

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To enter, upload an image on
Instagram or Facebook using #CharburgerChallenge.
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During the month of May, in celebration of National Burger Month, we will be holding a weekly social media contest on Facebook and Instagram. Enter for your chance to win Habit gift cards and exclusive merchandise! Entries will be accepted starting at 12:00pm PST on Monday of each week, and end at 11:59pm PST on Sunday of that same week. #CharburgerChallenge category will change each week. Entry must contain #CharburgerChallenge to be eligibile. See Contest Terms for details and description of prizes.
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Contest Details
Week 1
MAY 1 – MAY 7: ‘Me and My Charburger’ – when the only thing that matters in this moment is you and America’s Best Tasting Burger. Share the moment.
Prize: $100 Gift Card

Week 2
MAY 8 – MAY 14: ‘Start Your Habit Early’ – We love our little Habit fans! Snap the cutest picture of your favorite little Charburger lover at The Habit Burger Grill!
Prize: $100 Gift Card

Week 3
MAY 15 – MAY 21: ‘Perfect Pairing’ – Who is your Charburger’s BFF? Share your favorite Habit sides with your Charburger.
Prize: $100 Gift Card

Week 4
MAY 22 – MAY 28: ‘Habit Your Way’ – Custom-built and made-to-order. What makes your Charburger the best in all the land?
Prize: $100 Gift Card

Week 5
JUNE 2: Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by the fans!
Prize: $200 Gift Card