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The Habit Women Supporting Franchise Owners & Operations

Shannon Hennessy President, Iwona Alters Chief Operating Officer, Tiffany Furman Chief Financial Officer, Tanya Corners Chief People Officer


Over the past few years, the franchise industry has gone through changes to make it a more inclusive and equitable field for the countless women joining executive leadership. Not only have women advanced into roles on a corporate level, but more women are also becoming business owners themselves, investing in franchise concepts. In fact, women account for 31% of small businesses and franchise ownership in the U.S. and are now outnumbering men when it comes to seeking information about franchise ownership.


Here at The Habit Burger Grill, we champion women across all levels of our brand and encourage their personal and professional development. Continue reading to learn more about a few women on our executive leadership team who support franchise operators by driving overall brand strategy.


Shannon Hennessy, President

With an extensive background in financial analysis and business strategy for brands like Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Company, Shannon Hennessy joined Yum Brands! in 2020 and has since then been promoted to President of The Habit. In Shannon’s role at The Habit, she works to provide strategic direction for scaling our concept in a consistent and profitable way where our brand can maintain quality while simultaneously improving margins. Shannon is committed to bettering the workplace and enjoys being a part of a people-driven business where she can drive change for advancing equity and inclusion.


Iwona Alter, Chief Operating Officer

Joining The Habit team in 2018 as Chief Brand Officer, Iwona Alter has a keen sense for brand marketing and restaurant business that has served her well in her current role as Chief Operating Officer. Iwona was introduced to the restaurant industry during her tenure with Jack in the Box where she held various roles in both operations and marketing including the position of brand’s CMO. Her experience in communications, product development, and innovation with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Elmer’s Glue, and Shiseido made her a well-rounded business leader. During her time at The Habit, Iwona built a successful marketing team and a foundation for modern marketing. In her current role as COO, Iwona works to prepare The Habit operations for growth by optimizing the model, creating structures supporting both equity and franchise expansion, and building the bench of future leaders. Iwona finds immense satisfaction in developing talent and contributing to the career development of those around her.


Tiffany Furman, Chief Financial Officer

As one of the newest members joining The Habit in 2022, Tiffany Furman comes from a background of business planning and franchise development with fellow Yum Brands! subsidiary Taco Bell. In her latest role as CFO for The Habit, Tiffany is able to combine her finance and franchise expertise to develop a business model that pushes the Guest experience to be better. During her 15-year-long tenure at Taco Bell, Tiffany discovered the importance of forming great relationships with franchisees and continues to build those strong ties with The Habit owners. Evolving and innovating motivate Tiffany in the workplace and she is always brainstorming ways to improve policy, strategic development, market planning and more.


Tanya Corners, Chief People Officer

Before joining The Habit, Tanya Corners developed her passion for people and food while working in the restaurant industry and also obtained her masters in HR. When she became a part of The Habit 11 years ago, Tanya was the first HR leader and established the department, building a reliable team around her and the brand that focused on a supportive culture. As The Habit has expanded in the last decade, Tanya has been focused on continuing growth with diverse and capable team members by backing their leadership development. With more recent access to Yum! Brands resources, Tanya and her team have been able to assist in providing opportunities for individuals in leadership programs, where they can progress their professional skillset. Structuring the organization in a way that supports the growth of all people is what motivates Tanya and inspires her to continue to strive for the best culture at The Habit.


Shannon, Iwona, Tiffany and Tanya are only a few women at The Habit driving brand engagement and outlook, creating an environment conducive for positive growth and change. With their skillset, knowledge and action, The Habit franchise will continue to position itself as a valuable opportunity for Guests and restaurant operators alike.


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