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Insights into the Booming Burger Chain Industry from The Habit’s CMO



In the world of fast-food and quick-service restaurants, where innovation, quality, and customer engagement are paramount, The Habit Burger Grill is making waves. This year, our brand achieved an incredible milestone, securing the #112 spot on the prestigious Franchise Times Top 400 list. Our spot in this year’s ranking jumped up 36 spots from last year’s position of #148, underlining our rapid growth and performance in the competitive franchise industry.

An exciting aspect of The Habit’s rise to prominence is the dynamic leadership of Jack Hinchliffe, our Chief Marketing Officer who joined the team earlier this year. In a recent interview with Franchise Times, Jack shared valuable insights into the overall performance of the burger chain industry and The Habit’s role in contributing to this growth.

The Habit’s Performance in the Burger Chain Resurgence

The burger chain industry has witnessed an extraordinary resurgence and the quick-service burger segment, in particular, had a phenomenal 2022, generating a staggering $185 billion in sales. This performance not only exceeded pre-pandemic levels, but also showcased a 5.1 percent increase in total sales for the segment.

Amid this thriving industry, The Habit Burger Grill stands out and, in 2022, our brand generated $661 million in systemwide sales. Furthermore, last year we added 31 new units to our brand’s footprint, demonstrating once again our commitment to expanding and enhancing our presence across the globe.

In 2020, Yum! Brands acquired The Habit and has made strides in unlocking potential and capitalizing on shared services. We’ve maximized off-premises channels, thanks to a fully integrated tech stack and a strong focus on restaurant-level execution. This commitment to craft at scale is at the heart of everything we do, and can be seen yet again in the shift we made in digital marketing. We invested in building deeper connections with customers and personalizing communication because in a crowded media and marketing landscape, sharp and focused spending is vital.

As The Habit Burger Grill continues to grow, we look forward to more exciting developments in the years to come.

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Building Better Habits: Development Strategy with Chief Business Development Officer John Phillips



In this edition of Building Better Habits, we sat down with John Phillips, The Habit Burger Grill’s Chief Business Development Officer, to gain valuable insights into our franchise growth strategy. With decades of development experience and a deep understanding of the brand’s goals, John sheds light on various aspects of expansion efforts and its alignment with The Habit’s long-term vision.

Considering the brand’s historic focus on dine-in, how do you balance dining room ambiance with the convenience factor as digital and drive-thru options grow?

JP: While we’ve historically been known for dine-in, we recognized early on in this evolution the growing importance of digital and drive-thru options, which is why our buildout models have become increasingly flexible. We can flex a space anywhere from 2,200 to 3,000 square feet depending on what is right for that location. Our design models and operational strategies are evolving to strike that right balance, ensuring that both dine-in Guests and those seeking on-the-go convenience have a great experience.

How does The Habit approach ground leasing agreements? What advantages do you see in this approach compared to other methods of property acquisition, and how does it align with the brand’s long-term growth objectives?

JP: Our approach to ground leasing and land purchasing is highly opportunistic. We assess various options, including land purchasing and utilizing second and third-generation restaurant spaces, which opens up doors in the real estate market for us. We consider both free-standing locations and those with drive-thru and non-drive-thru setups, all while carefully evaluating site characteristics. In the end, we want to be able to adapt to the specific needs of each market and support long-term growth objectives for our brand and the operator.

Could you provide insights into the criteria your team uses to identify and evaluate potential new markets for The Habit Burger Grill?

JP: Our team relies on a proprietary site characteristic locator, which provides essential data for market evaluation. This tool helps us determine the optimal number of restaurants for a given market, the right penetration point and demographics. We also collaborate with brokers to gain a deep understanding of the available real estate in each market. A lot of consideration and planning goes into market entry as we want each restaurant to sustain promising growth.

Looking ahead, what is the long-term vision for The Habit Burger Grill’s franchise development strategy? Are there any innovative approaches or trends you see shaping the future of the brand’s growth?

JP: Our long-term vision involves exploring different operating models that accommodate the evolving landscape of dining preferences. This could include an increase in curbside pickup, drive-thru options, and digital pick-up lanes. We will also continue the development of freestanding sites, end caps, end cap drive-thrus, and build to suits. Ground leases and land purchases are specific ways to achieve these particular development goals. Our team will remain attentive to keeping the ambiance of our restaurants alive as it’s a notable trademark our Guests have come to appreciate.

With a keen eye on real estate opportunities, a commitment to market-specific strategies, and a dedication to enhancing the Guest experience, John and the rest of The Habit team continue to carve a path toward sustainable growth. Interested in developing your portfolio with a proven and prominent multi-unit burger brand? Fill out our online inquiry form to get in touch with our team today.

Making a Meaningful Impact in the Communities We Serve


As a brand committed to a quality-first culture, we strive to leave a positive impact on every Guest who interacts with us. Our commitment goes beyond serving delicious, award-winning food; it extends to meaningful actions in the communities we serve. Through donations, fundraisers, community partnerships, and sustainable packaging initiatives, we continuously work towards driving real change for the better. In the past, we have joined forces with a variety of different charity partners, including No Kid Hungry, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Children’s Bureau, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and ProStart. From fighting to end childhood hunger to investing in research to find a cure for cystic fibrosis, The Habit wants to help where we can.

Continue reading to learn more about the recent charitable organizations we’re proud to have partnered with and how our new packaging policy has the potential to make an even larger global impact.

Empowering Children Fighting Cancer with NEGU

The Habit’s newest charity partner, NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), is associated with the Jessie Rees Foundation, which is a global movement that aims to fulfill the wish of 12-year-old Jessica Joy Rees, affectionately known as “Jessie.” The foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child fighting cancer receives the support to Never Ever Give Up by connecting with their family, sharing their stories, providing helpful resources, and sending continuous doses of encouragement throughout their treatment.

As a partner of the NEGU Network, a group of companies in and around our home-base of Orange County, The Habit will help spread hope, joy and love to thousands of kids fighting cancer in local hospitals and from their homes. Our Social Purpose Team will direct The Habit team members to quarterly volunteer shifts at NEGU’s JoyFactory, where they can package JoyJars®–plastic jars filled with new toys, games, and activities for boys and girls–make cozy blankets and more. Since 2012, over 385,000 JoyJars have been sent to children fighting cancer in all 50 states and in 50 countries. One of The Habit’s very own, CFO Tiffany Furman, has been a consistent supporter of NEGU’s mission over the years and we’re so grateful she introduced us to this incredible organization.

Fighting Hunger with Community Action Partnerships of OC & No Kid Hungry

The Habit Burger Grill is also dedicated to fighting hunger in underserved communities. We have joined hands with the Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAP OC) to bring pop-up pantries to food deserts, where access to fresh and nutritious food is limited. Through our funding support, we assist with operational costs and procure additional food resources to ensure that families in these areas receive the nourishment they deserve. Moreover, our passionate Habit employees actively participate in volunteer efforts, such as packing and distributing food boxes at the pantry sites. These 15 locations serve families with young children, providing them with essential food boxes, fresh produce, and household items.

Moreover, our commitment to addressing hunger extends even further through our partnership with No Kid Hungry. Starting August 9, Guests at The Habit Burger Grill restaurants nationwide will have the chance to contribute to the cause by rounding up their checks to the nearest whole dollar and donating the difference to No Kid Hungry. As we approach the back-to-school season, it’s essential to recognize that a staggering number of children struggle to access the nourishment they need to learn, focus, and thrive. Since fostering this invaluable partnership in 2015, we have been able to raise $2.75 million towards ending childhood hunger in the United States, which can help provide 27 million meals* to kids.

Through our collaboration with CAP OC and No Kid Hungry, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing hunger, and work towards creating a more food-secure future for all.

Reducing Waste & Promoting Sustainability as a Brand

As an environmentally conscious brand, we understand the responsibility we have towards the planet. Our new packaging policy, spearheaded by our parent company Yum! Brands, reflects a deep commitment to sustainability. By eliminating unnecessary packaging like unrecoverable plastics such as wrappers, cup lids, cutlery, and bags and shifting to sustainable materials, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint. The journey towards adopting more eco-friendly alternatives has been rewarding, guided by Yum! Brands’ vision to explore more options for recyclable and compostable materials.

The positive influence of our efforts extends beyond our restaurants and touches the lives of people around the world. Through our global presence, we hope to influence the industry to adopt sustainable practices, encouraging more brands to take the path of environmental responsibility. This commitment aligns perfectly with our ethos of making a lasting impact on the planet and the communities we serve.

Through our charitable partnerships and our relentless pursuit of sustainability, we strive to spread joy, hope, and encouragement to those in need and contribute to a healthier planet. Every day we are inspired to make a difference, knowing that our collective efforts can bring about meaningful change. We remain committed to creating a better world through charitable actions, quality food and an inviting restaurant atmosphere.

*Donations help support programs that feed kids; No Kid Hungry does not provide individual meals. Learn more at

A Commitment to Franchisee Success through Comprehensive Support




At The Habit Burger Grill, we understand that the success of our franchisees is directly linked to our brand’s growth and reputation. That’s why we are dedicated to providing extensive support and resources to help our franchise owners run exceptional restaurants. From new restaurant openings to marketing assistance, operational training, real estate and construction guidance, and IT systems support, our corporate team is committed to helping our franchisees thrive in the competitive fast-casual restaurant industry.

Supporting New Restaurant Openings

We believe that a strong start is essential for the long-term success of our franchise owners and their restaurants. Our corporate team provides unwavering support and planning for new restaurant openings in crucial aspects such as site selection, market planning, and restaurant design. With our guidance, franchise owners can create an atmosphere that exemplifies The Habit’s warm and inviting California vibe, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Empowering Franchisees through Marketing Support

Effective marketing plays a pivotal role in attracting Guests and building brand recognition in new markets. Our corporate team provides an extensive selection of marketing support services to empower our franchisees in effectively promoting their restaurants to new markets and appealing to a diverse range of Guests. Furthermore, our graphic design services assist franchisees in creating visually appealing and on-brand marketing collateral that resonates with their target audience.

Additionally, our franchisees receive guidance on pricing strategies to optimize their menu offerings, quarterly marketing updates to stay ahead of industry trends, and the opportunity to participate in public relations and multi-channel advertising campaigns. Through these initiatives, our franchisees can maximize their reach and connect with a broader Guest base.

Operational Excellence through Training

We consider a well-trained staff and efficient operations the foundation of a successful franchise, which is why we provide comprehensive operational training to our franchise owners. From back-of-house training to ensure smooth kitchen operations, to front-of-house training that focuses on exceptional Guest service and effective management techniques, we equip our franchisees with the skills needed to deliver an outstanding dining experience. Access to our operations manuals and online brand standard training ensures that our franchisees maintain consistency across all their locations, reinforcing The Habit’s commitment to excellence.

Guidance in Real Estate and Construction

Finding the right location and creating an inviting restaurant environment are crucial components in establishing a strong presence in the franchisees’ chosen market. Our corporate team offers valuable support in real estate and construction, assisting franchisees in identifying areas with high potential for success and providing design guidance on the restaurant’s exterior and interior so it reflects The Habit’s unique California vibe.

Seamless IT Systems Support

In today’s technology-driven world, reliable IT systems are vital for efficient operations. We aid our franchisees with the implementation and training of state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) systems, enabling seamless transactions and accurate record-keeping. We also offer support for integrating with third-party platforms, provisioning back-of-house systems, and establishing connectivity. Additionally, our expertise extends to developing kiosk and mobile applications, enhancing the Guest experience. Should any IT-related issues arise, franchisees can rest assured they will be provided a quick resolution from our in-house Restaurant Service Helpdesk.

Our franchisees are at the heart of our business, which is why we are committed to providing comprehensive support across the board to promote their business development. With our experience and resources, franchisees can confidently navigate the restaurant and Guest service landscape, knowing they have a dedicated partner committed to their success.

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Building Better Habits: Breaking Down the Construction Process with Brad Jefferies


The Habit Brad Jefferies - Director of construction


From Discovery Day to your restaurant grand opening, it’s no doubt that members of The Habit’s leadership team play pivotal roles throughout the course of opening a franchise. As Director of Construction, Brad Jefferies is one such individual that has led his team through instrumental franchise development efforts.

With over 25 years of experience in the Restaurant & Retail Facilities/Construction industry, Brad’s expertise and leadership have significantly impacted our brand’s franchising endeavors, shaping the overall atmosphere of our restaurants with a clear design vision, while helping franchisees bring their dreams to life. In this next iteration of Building Better Habits, we delve into Brad’s role and explore his influence on design and innovation within The Habit.

Can you describe your professional background and work as Director of Construction & Design with The Habit?

BJ: For the past 25 years, I have immersed myself in the Restaurant & Retail Facilities/Construction industry, honing in on my skills and knowledge in various aspects of the field. As the Director of Construction for The Habit, I have had the privilege of leading the Construction & Design team for the last four years. During this time, we have expanded The Habit’s presence globally, opening locations in Shanghai and Cambodia, while also focusing on growing our footprint on the East Coast and infilling white space in the West in the United States. My team oversees the entire construction process, from initial design and permitting to FF&E procurement and build-out.

How do you approach the process of coordinating with the various design and construction team members to ensure the buildout aligns with the vision and brand identity of The Habit?

BJ: Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with developers and franchisees to ensure that The Habit’s brand vision is realized in every new restaurant. Our team maintains regular meetings with Habit Burger Grill designers and construction managers who assist throughout the design and build-out process. By fostering open communication and a shared understanding of the brand’s values, we ensure that each restaurant maintains consistency with The Habit’s identity, while accommodating local market needs and preferences.

What is one thing that makes you most proud of your time at The Habit?

BJ: I take immense pride in our ability to open new restaurants during the challenging times of the pandemic. Despite numerous obstacles, our team was able to pivot quickly, addressing supply chain issues and working around permitting delays. It was a true testament to our resilience and adaptability. Opening new locations during such a period showcased the dedication and determination of The Habit’s franchise network and our commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences to Guests across the country.

What are your current goals for your role/department?

BJ: Currently, we’re focused on developing a new prototype design that provides flexibility in choosing suitable sites for future Habit Burger Grill restaurants. I am particularly proud that our in-house design team has created this innovative concept. By enhancing our ability to adapt to diverse locations and market demands, we aim to expand The Habit’s reach and provide even more opportunities for franchisees to thrive.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Brad leads a dedicated team that works in tandem with our other departments to continue building our growing franchise network. We’re eager to watch Brad and his team in the months ahead, as they continue the development of the flexible prototype design. This project is especially reflective of Brad’s commitment to expanding franchise opportunities and maintaining The Habit’s position as a leader in the fast-casual dining industry.

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Building Better Habits: Driving Brand Transformation with Chief Marketing Officer, Jack Hinchliffe


In this next edition of our Building Better Habits series, we sat down with newly-appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Jack Hinchliffe, to dive deeper into his eight-year tenure with Yum Brands!, including his award-winning and transformational work on the KFC UK & Ireland team, as well as his vision for enhancing The Habit’s marketing approach. Continue reading to discover what motivates Jack in his journey to not only better our brand’s market value, but our cultural relevancy and meaningfulness to the Guests we serve.


You recently joined The Habit team in February. What was your journey like to get here?


JH: The move to The Habit this year was a timely moment in my career. I was with Yum Brands! at KFC UK for just over eight years where I held various roles in marketing leadership from product development to sustainability and communications, which allowed me to leverage creativity and big ideas to drive business impact and digital transformation. We made concerted efforts to move to omnichannel retailing, so the brand could deliver a seamless customer experience, gather valuable insights, engage customers more effectively, unlock additional revenue streams, and adapt to the evolving market dynamics. During my time at KFC UK, I was incredibly proud to have been awarded Brand of the Year by Marketing Week in 2021 as well as the Gold IPA Effectiveness Award for Business Transformation. The knowledge and insights I have acquired from KFC UK have been immense, and I am enthusiastic about incorporating them into The Habit to build a contemporary and unique brand centered around meticulously prepared, high-quality food.


What gets you up in the morning…where do you look for inspiration or motivation in the workplace?


JH: In my professional life, three key factors drive my motivation and shape the way I approach my work. First, I believe everyone has the right to feel like they belong. Feeling seen and heard is incredibly important, which is why I strive to give everyone opportunities to share their ideas unfiltered, without fear of judgment. Creativity and great ideas are born from the diversity of thought and I want my workplace to encourage just that. Secondly, I believe in progress over perfection. We all have it in us to be extraordinary and to deliver those results in different ways. By embracing this mindset, we can unleash our full potential and unlock new levels of success, both individually and as a team. Lastly, I actively recognize that we are all on a continuous learning journey. I am committed to finding new insights every day and fostering a growth mindset that embraces the notion of constant development. However, I believe it’s important we maintain humility and acknowledge we may not always possess the answers or solutions. Keeping an open mind and being receptive to feedback cultivates an environment that produces innovative approaches and is ready to evolve when faced with new challenges.


What are you most excited to do as The Habit’s Chief Marketing Officer?


JH: I am thrilled about the prospect of magnifying our marketing efforts and enhancing the brand’s prominence within the cultural landscape. My primary objective is to establish The Habit as a lighthouse brand, one that is instantly recognizable, iconic, and impossible to overlook for consumers. To accomplish this goal, I intend to prioritize making investments in robust media strategies that maximize our brand’s visibility and reach. By expanding our media presence, we can effectively communicate our brand’s unique value proposition and capture the attention of a wider audience. Through this, I am confident that we can increase brand recognition and bolster our position as a leader within the industry.


With his wealth of experience and dedication to progress, we can anticipate an exciting era ahead as Jack leads the charge to elevate The Habit’s brand presence, maximize its impact, and deliver exceptional experiences that resonate deeply with our valued Guests. Stay tuned for the remarkable transformations that await us in the pursuit of Building Better Habits.


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Multi-Unit Developer Karnardo Garnett Expands The Habit Presence in Florida.

Kerardo Garnett. Mulit Unit Developer



Karnardo Garnett is a successful entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the restaurant space. Mr. Garnett’s hospitality-first mindset and passion for building successful relationships led him to franchise with The Habit Burger Grill in early 2022 when he signed a partnership to develop 10 new Habit restaurants in the Tampa Bay market.


As The Habit’s presence in the Florida state continues to grow, Garnett is a great example of a franchise owner who’s grown their portfolios in attractive, untapped markets. Read more about Garnett’s background and his inspiration to grow with The Habit.


An Early Career in the Tech Industry

Growing up in Georgia and coming from a family of farmers, Garnett developed an appreciation for food and its ability to bring people together at an early age. As a teenager, Garnett got to see the community impact food provides as well as get a taste for the franchise world firsthand as a McDonald’s employee. He would take what he learned from this initial exposure to the franchise business and apply the lessons he learned to his future business operations.


After graduating from college, Garnett worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a software engineer, including GE and Verizon. Garnett worked in this field for over a decade and then decided to obtain a law degree and launch his businesses, Legacy Concessions and Legacy Hospitality. It was at this point that Garnett would start to get involved with top-tier brands and restaurant franchises, racking up an impressive portfolio made up of nine restaurant concepts. In 2020, Garnett was inspired to find his next franchise investment when he heard that The Habit had become a part of Yum! Brands. That kind of large-scale backing intrigued Garnett and he began to inquire.


Deciding on The Habit

Garnett felt drawn to investing in a burger concept and The Habit specifically interested him for a few reasons. One reason was our aggressive, yet supported and sustainable, approach to franchise growth, a quality Garnett was actively seeking out in his franchise investment. The Habit’s passion for quality food and guest experience also aligned with the seasoned operator’s values, and his extensive business background further solidified the decision to grow an industry-savvy brand.


“To say that I am excited about partnering with The Habit Burger Grill is an understatement,” said Karnardo. “I believe in this brand; the quality of its food product and its focus on company culture are one of a kind. In my experience, being in the restaurant industry is all about building relationships with people centered around food. The Habit Burger Grill does an outstanding job of surrounding you with good people, high-quality food options and the systems to deliver a consistent experience. I like to operate based on my company’s core values, which I call the ‘4 W’s’: We Care, We Listen, We Innovate and We Deliver, and through this brand partnership I am able to go above and beyond on all of these to create the best overall dining experience.”


We are thrilled to welcome Karnardo Garnett to The Habit franchise family and know that through his hard work, perseverance, and commitment to excellence, his restaurants in the Florida market will flourish.


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The Habit Women Supporting Franchise Owners & Operations

Shannon Hennessy President, Iwona Alters Chief Operating Officer, Tiffany Furman Chief Financial Officer, Tanya Corners Chief People Officer


Over the past few years, the franchise industry has gone through changes to make it a more inclusive and equitable field for the countless women joining executive leadership. Not only have women advanced into roles on a corporate level, but more women are also becoming business owners themselves, investing in franchise concepts. In fact, women account for 31% of small businesses and franchise ownership in the U.S. and are now outnumbering men when it comes to seeking information about franchise ownership.


Here at The Habit Burger Grill, we champion women across all levels of our brand and encourage their personal and professional development. Continue reading to learn more about a few women on our executive leadership team who support franchise operators by driving overall brand strategy.


Shannon Hennessy, President

With an extensive background in financial analysis and business strategy for brands like Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Company, Shannon Hennessy joined Yum Brands! in 2020 and has since then been promoted to President of The Habit. In Shannon’s role at The Habit, she works to provide strategic direction for scaling our concept in a consistent and profitable way where our brand can maintain quality while simultaneously improving margins. Shannon is committed to bettering the workplace and enjoys being a part of a people-driven business where she can drive change for advancing equity and inclusion.


Iwona Alter, Chief Operating Officer

Joining The Habit team in 2018 as Chief Brand Officer, Iwona Alter has a keen sense for brand marketing and restaurant business that has served her well in her current role as Chief Operating Officer. Iwona was introduced to the restaurant industry during her tenure with Jack in the Box where she held various roles in both operations and marketing including the position of brand’s CMO. Her experience in communications, product development, and innovation with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Elmer’s Glue, and Shiseido made her a well-rounded business leader. During her time at The Habit, Iwona built a successful marketing team and a foundation for modern marketing. In her current role as COO, Iwona works to prepare The Habit operations for growth by optimizing the model, creating structures supporting both equity and franchise expansion, and building the bench of future leaders. Iwona finds immense satisfaction in developing talent and contributing to the career development of those around her.


Tiffany Furman, Chief Financial Officer

As one of the newest members joining The Habit in 2022, Tiffany Furman comes from a background of business planning and franchise development with fellow Yum Brands! subsidiary Taco Bell. In her latest role as CFO for The Habit, Tiffany is able to combine her finance and franchise expertise to develop a business model that pushes the Guest experience to be better. During her 15-year-long tenure at Taco Bell, Tiffany discovered the importance of forming great relationships with franchisees and continues to build those strong ties with The Habit owners. Evolving and innovating motivate Tiffany in the workplace and she is always brainstorming ways to improve policy, strategic development, market planning and more.


Tanya Corners, Chief People Officer

Before joining The Habit, Tanya Corners developed her passion for people and food while working in the restaurant industry and also obtained her masters in HR. When she became a part of The Habit 11 years ago, Tanya was the first HR leader and established the department, building a reliable team around her and the brand that focused on a supportive culture. As The Habit has expanded in the last decade, Tanya has been focused on continuing growth with diverse and capable team members by backing their leadership development. With more recent access to Yum! Brands resources, Tanya and her team have been able to assist in providing opportunities for individuals in leadership programs, where they can progress their professional skillset. Structuring the organization in a way that supports the growth of all people is what motivates Tanya and inspires her to continue to strive for the best culture at The Habit.


Shannon, Iwona, Tiffany and Tanya are only a few women at The Habit driving brand engagement and outlook, creating an environment conducive for positive growth and change. With their skillset, knowledge and action, The Habit franchise will continue to position itself as a valuable opportunity for Guests and restaurant operators alike.


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Building Better Habits: Non-Traditional Licensing with John Phillips


In the first edition of our “Building Better Habits” series, learn more about the topic of non-traditional licensing with a feature from John Phillips, The Habit Burger Grill’s Chief Global Business Partnerships Officer. With over 25 years of franchise knowledge and a decade long-relationship with The Habit, John shares his insight on the various aspects of the non-traditional franchise model. Continue reading to learn more.


Why do you think The Habit presents an attractive model to licensees?


JP: The fact that we have a diverse, fresh menu that plays across varied demographics and age groups without the need for table service is a huge draw for licensees. The Habit’s promising volumes that translate well into the non-traditional realm means we’re nimble enough to adapt our model to the needs of the operator and their market. One instance of this flexibility, is our ability to alter menu offerings to best suit the needs of operators and their restaurant business.


Describe the flexibility of The Habit’s restaurant real estate formats for non-traditional sites. Are licensees able to serve guests the same way a traditional restaurant can?


JP: Our non-traditional locations maintain the quality of service our Guests expect just the same as our traditional restaurants. While most sites have front counter service and a fully operational kitchen in just 1000 sq. ft., we also have other sites with full dining rooms. In our college campus sites, we especially appeal to the students and faculty with our handhelds that make a great grab and go option. This is also the case for our non-traditional sites that fit in airports, theme parks, and casinos.


What kind of support do non-traditional Habit operators receive?


JP: To start, Habit licensees receive assistance with prototypical plans, construction, design and sourcing the implementation of IT systems. With our access to top-tier equipment and millwork suppliers to finish out the process, and onsite training and support in the first 3-4 weeks of business, we ensure our licensees can have a successful grand opening and ongoing restaurant operations. The licensees also have a dedicated business manager that helps them address any operational issues they may run into.


In his closing thoughts, John iterates that it is incumbent upon The Habit to be a good partner with the licensee to understand what market needs they are looking to fulfill in a non-traditional manner. If you are interested in discussing non-traditional or traditional growth opportunities with our better-burger franchise, fill out the online inquiry form to get in touch with our team today.

The Habit’s 2022 Year in Review


With the beginning of 2023 upon us, we at The Habit Burger Grill are reflecting on the continued growth and business accomplishments from this year that have enabled our brand to stay at the top of the competitive fast casual restaurant business.


Award-Winning Franchise Opportunity
Our handcrafted food and diverse menu, modern and inviting restaurant atmosphere, and genuine hospitality continue to resonate with Guests and franchise business owners alike. We take pride in our fresh, made-to-order menu offerings as well as our Guest-first service mentality which has allowed us to collect a few distinctions this year. The Habit has been recognized on the Contenders list of QSR Magazine’s QSR 50, named by Newsweek as one of America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains in 2022, and ranked #148 on the Franchise Times Top 500 list, 23 spots higher than in 2021. Furthermore, we received the Zor Award by Franchise Times as the Top Brand to Buy. We have positioned the brand to continue to have long-term Guest appeal as we continue our incredible growth in the better burger category with qualified restaurant owners and operators.

Championing Innovation and Diversity in Business

The Habit’s robust and proprietary business systems along with the backing and scale of Yum! Brands enables us to build a healthy business and working culture for all of our partners. We aim to nurture a culture of innovation and diversity across all facets of our organization. In August, Yum! Brands was named one of the top franchise companies doing the most to champion diversity through its Unlocking Opportunity initiative. The Habit Burger Grill is an integral part of this program and it allows us and our partners to promote equity & inclusion, education, and entrepreneurship. We advocate for capable and committed individuals from all walks of life to be a part of our brand and support their professional and business development journey.


Looking to the Franchise Future

The Habit’s growth momentum from 2022 continues to build both in our equity and our franchise restaurant presence on our journey to over 2,000 restaurants nationwide. With our title as a top franchise opportunity, the future for our brand has unlimited growth potential. Our Guest experience is unrivaled and our marketing and supply chain expertise puts The Habit in a prime position to face economic challenges should they arise. This year alone, we opened 33 new restaurants bringing our footprint to a total of 348 locations.


To learn more about The Habit franchise opportunity and discover the available options to further your professional and business goals in 2023 with our renowned brand, please explore our website to learn more about The Habit franchise and fill out our initial inquiry form to get in touch with our franchise development team.


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