The Habit Commitment To Quality

“There’s No Substitute for Quality®”

Since 1969, The Habit has been focused on quality in everything we do, beginning with our food. From our fresh, never frozen proprietary burgers to our USDA Choice tri-tip steak and our fresh, line-caught sushi-grade ahi tuna, all cooked over an open flame and made to order, the commitment to quality permeates through everything we do at The Habit.

For example, our signature Charburgers, The Habit Burger Grill uses fresh, natural ingredients that fully comply with all governing USDA and FDA standards, rules and policies. Our beef patties are 100 % pure ground beef with no additives, preservatives, or fillers of any kind. Our line-caught, sushi-grade ahi tuna is sourced in the South Pacific where it is inspected immediately for quality and then shipped fresh to our stores.

Over the past 47 years our guests have come to know and appreciate our “quality first” mindset and it is one more reason they “Make it a Habit.”

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